I'd rather read Teen Vogue than American Vogue—the clothes are more fun, and there's less hand wringing about at what age you should stop wearing short skirts (how about when I'm dead?). But even if you've never cracked either, you know who Vogue editor Anna Wintour is, because she's turned the historically unsung role of fashion editor into one of the most visible perches of celebrity in the world. Erik Maza has a good piece in WWD about the obsession with Anna and the guessing games about what her next career move might be. (The latest scuttlebutt involves an ambassadorship to England or France, believe it or not.) Conveniently, her latest appearances in the gossip pages coincide with the debut of In Vogue: The Editor's Eye, an HBO documentary chronicling the magazine's 120 (!) years. It's airing tonight at 9, which makes me reconsider my decision not to pay for cable: