Oblivion Certainly Looks Better Than Tron


The "BUT WHO IS THE REAL MONSTER" Sci-Fi trope needs a break for a while. I get it. Humans are dicks. Sheesh.

Oh hey! Did you see that trilogy of M83 videos? Quality stuff:

Hi Erik, the score for Tron: Legacy was awful. I cite it as the leading reason for the stinkiness of the movie. It sounded like a cheesy videogame; it was one-toned, did not fit the movie/setting, and basically instilled an "OKAY IT'S ACTIONTIME" campiness every 5 minutes that, in the end, served to suck all the real excitement out of the movie.
@ROM: I'm not really sure how you can be so wrong. Like, its the Mt Everest of being wrong.
Naw. You were just seduced by the Daft Punk brand. The music ruins the movie. It's overwrought and overbearing. I can enjoy the soundtrack on its own - but in the movie, it's all wrong.

Thanks for attempting to have an opinion, though.
Give this man a Dark Tower!
@ROM: I'm not really sure about the soundtrack IN the movie itself, I was thinking of the soundtrack as a standalone piece of music.
@Graham: Well, I agree with you there. I just listened to it again. I like it! But in the movie? nope nope. And I've seen the movie three times. Each time I watch it I'm like, "maybe it won't be so awful this time..." But it is! And the music is at the root of the awfulness. Or maybe not - maybe the music is just the globbed on, neon frosting on top of an already spoiled cake.

So, my first comment could have been clearer.

You hate the movie but you've seen it three times?
I didn't say I hate it. I said it's awful.

I like the original Tron. And I want this one to be good. So yeah, I've checked it out a few times. I actually thought it was semi-decent the first time I saw it. And then upon second viewing I was like, "Wait-a-minute that was terrible. Everyone is right!" And then I watched it again just to be sure.

Pretty crazy, huh??
I thought the end of every sci-fi trailer was supposed to be frantic and vague. That's how they get you to see the movie, so it's not so vague anymore.