Wow. Okay, I had no idea that "slow walking lesbians with a baby" were a thing. But apparently they are—and they're slowing up everything in the grocery store!!

I ran across you three times during my visit, and every time you were fucking annoying! You blocked the aisle, like it was yours for the taking, looking for your coconut milk or something. At the deli, you just took your sweet time ordering multiple items, but discussing each one with your partner beforehand. Oh and your baby, you little snookums was just the icing on your cake. At the checkout, there you were again, putting your items on the belt, but FORGETTING to put the spacer out.

DAMN YOU, LESBIANS!! Just because you can get married in Vancouver—that DOESN'T mean you can neglect to put the spacer bar on the checkout conveyor belt! HAVE YOU NO MORALS?? By the way, if you have a rant or confession to make, drop it off in the I, Anonymous Blog—where we put a spacer bar between each post! Because we're not LESBIANS.