The Simpsons Meet Portlandia; Neither Benefit from the Arrangement


Remember when the Simpsons was the most intelligent, ground breaking, hilarious show on television?....yeah, that was 20 years ago.
Getting a wee lil' smidge obsessive about Portlandia.
I did enjoy the parody of Studio Ghibli films, I often send those to my niece and nephews in Minnesota so I suppose that I AM THE HIPSTER UNCLE.

I understand how you may be getting a little obsessive about Portlandia... but it's really not very good. (Have I ever mentioned that before?)
Yeah Todd, I make presents of Studio Ghibli films for the young ones in my family too.
Missed the episode though.
frankieb, you can watch new episodes on Hulu 8 days after they first air...which means 7 days from now for that episode.!the-simpsons
I enjoyed the Ghibli joke and how the cool people even made the weather rainier. That was basically it.
To be fair, the Simpson episode about Portland probably made as much sense as their episode about Australia....but was written much much more poorly.