Thousands Protest Anti-Union Law at Michigan Capitol: As Michigan's legislature is poised to pass an anti-union "right to work" law 10,000 people turn out to chant "VETO!"

Childhood Obesity... wait for it... Declines! After 30 years of growing obesity rates among young kids, some city's are actually seeing slight declines.

Hold Those Visas! Banking on a potential repeal of DOMA, gay groups are asking Obama to push for a delay in immigration cases where people seek visas for their same-sex partners.

Hold That Gaga! Lady Gaga causes uproar in Russia with her support for gay rights.

James Bond Should Work for NASA. The agency is launching a secret space probe... again.

Speaking of Probes: Bank HSBC has to pay $1.9 billion to settle a probe into alleged money-laundering.

Children on their Blasted Telephone Devices! The FTC is investigating whether it's okay to make apps for the children because they collect data and personal info.

$444: The average amount of money an American family spends on Apple products every year.

Logo Envy: The University of California system has a sleek new logo that's garnered hatred.

Who Was that Mysterious CIA Agent? The real, complicated career of the undercover agent at the center of the Osama bin Laden raid and the film Zero Dark Thirty.

IKEA Monkey Headed to Sanctuary: Oh thank God.

Police Payout: Portland is paying $306,000 to a guy who was tackled and Tasered by police as he tried to leave Aura nightclub.