Atlanta has a lot of problems—but the worst problem of the day according to CBS Atlanta News is someone "finding a NOSE... RING... in her daughter's breakfast burrito from McDonalds." Here are my "Cheers and Jeers" for this story:

CHEERS to anchor Jaquitta Williams who makes it almost seem like this should be a top story of anything anywhere. I could watch her introduce this story all day.*

JEERS to McDonalds for including nose rings in their breakfast burritos, and not including the nutritional information.

CHEERS to reporter Craig Bell who did not outright refuse to cover this stupid story, and is obviously just grateful to have a job.

JEERS to mom who feeds her daughter McDonalds breakfast burritos for BREAKFAST—with or without nose rings.

Oh, and JEERS to a world where any of this exists.

*Seriously, watch Jaquitta Williams' intro for this piece at least twice. It is amazing.