At a time of year when people are wrestling with the pressing questions of their lives (Why am I estranged from/codependent on my family? Am I a failure because I can't afford to buy better gifts/spend the holidays in Hawaii? What should my new year's resolution be? Does this reindeer sweater make me look fat, or is it my fat that makes me look fat?, etc.), Jenn Armbrust is coming to the rescue with a service/performance that she sporadically makes appearances with at Nationale called, appropriately, "Free Advice." And it's just that. Her credentials:

Working intuitively from a wealth of scholastic and experiential knowledge including creative entrepreneurship, artist mentorship, small business & gallery administration, graphic & web design, Critical Theory, cooking & nutrition, yoga, Jungian psychology, and Buddhism, Armbrust will meet one-on-one with participants proffering an alchemy of observational insights, resource referrals, recommendations and somatic experiences in response to expressed queries.

Arguably more dependable than a psychic, and definitely less biased than your mother. Armbrust will be setting up camp tomorrow evening from 4-6 pm at the shop/gallery, so quit whining about your problems and start looking for some answers.