This Week's Mercury Music Section


Re: Michele Wylen - This is my least favorite tendancy of music journalists and in a more general sense blowhard music snobs in general. Pointlessly intellectualizing their affection for empty, sugary commercial pop. It's perfectly okay to like formulaic, inane pop music that is scientifically designed for radio and mass consumption. Hell, sometimes I think people that insist they can't stand it are lying just to try to get SnobberyCred since by its nature this type of pop is patently non offensive and has literally been designed with decades of listener psychology in mind to make it hyperpalatable.

Just repeat to yourself, Ned, it's okay to like intellectually void pop music. It doesn't make you a bad person, in fact the sort of desperate rationalization as seen in Ms. Wylens feature article this week makes the writer come off like an assdouche attempting to reconcile his PortlandCred with the musically void pablum he is listening to.

Unless the entirety of the feature piece was itself being facetious or ironic, that is. And honestly, with quotes from her like "I have really poppy songs on there, but I also have songs that are deeper. Especially at the show, it will be really evident when you see the political videos and then you see hot girls in black sequins dancing right afterward." it's hard to tell if it is a joke or not.