Black Bike Cafe Now Open on SE 28th


"sipping a shitty beer in a dive bar and avoiding eye contact with too-friendly men older than my father"

Must be agony for you...

Isn't it great to live in a City populated by young attractive bigots who are only nice to other young attractive people? It really makes life extra special.
Oh, shut it, troll.
This place fails as a cafe, they aren't open early enough to sell coffee to morning commuters. Guess what? Not everyone rolls out of bed at 10am in order to barely make it on time to your shitty design firm internship.
I went this weekend and was disappointed. We waited about 20 minutes for greasy bagel sandwiches and so so coffee. The guy behind the counter was nice, but very disorganized. About 4 people walked in and then walked back out in the time we were waiting to pay for and eat our brunch. I can kinda see the vibe they are going for, but if our experience was any indication of how they run their business, they won't make it in the neighborhood. Especially with Crema and City State down the street.
Black Cat Cafe.... I appreciate their cheap beer, but they made an essentially brand new building feel grungy (Interstate). What is with the very low standards of cleanliness? If the new shop resembles the other two, I am not in a rush to go visit.
lol at Graham