Welcome to Movie Newz, a new column I just made up to lazily combine three separate news stories into one blog post! I'm very proud of Movie Newz, and I hope you enjoy it—the "Z" is for "extra enthuZiasm!"

MOVIE NEWZ! Wha-wha-whaa? Before it's even in theaters, Quentin Tarantino has released his screenplay for Django Unchained! You should download it, but don't read it until you've seen the movie, because holy shit the movie is awesome and you'll want to experience it in the theater first. My favorite movie of the year? POSSIBLY! (Via Bleeding Cool.)

MOVIE NEWZ! Here's the trailer for Pedro Almodovar's new movie, I'm So Excited! That's a great title because that's also how I feel whenever a new Almodovar movie comes out! So excited! (Via Dan Kois.)

MOVIE NEWZ! Is the 34-hour-long The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey not long enough for you? Want to add nine minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness in front of it? Okay, then here's a list of theaters that're doing that. When you come out of the theater you'll be like Rip Van Winkle! Check out my hoverboard, old man, hope you enjoyed your nerd movie! Zooooom! (Via a press release in my inbox.)

MOVIE NEWZ! Speaking of The Hobbit, our review of that—plus some reviews of other stuff that no one will see because they're too busy seeing The Hobbit and growing crazy Rip Van Winkle-style dwarf beards—is over in our Film section. Don't forget to check out our Film Shorts and Movie Times!

See you next time for Movie Newz! Also, Movie Newz will never happen again.