Good Morning, News!


Just read the latest report (so who knows if completely accurate) that 27 are dead in Connecticut, including 14 children. Malls are bad enough, but this elementary school shit has me crying at my desk.
Obama said the same thing about Medical Marijuana, and yet he had more raids on Medical clinics during his first 4 years than Bush during 8. A complete and awful violation of the 10th Amendment.

The push from the Feds is coming, but they won’t blow the trumpets and charge with the Cavalry, they’ll sneak in from behind and open up dozens of DHS/FBI/DEA “Grant Funding” opportunities in nearby states. If the Mercury wants to stay on top of this story, check the funding opportunities, I imagine new public grants are being released right now in order to jump in front of the New Year budget cycles. They’ll see which counties and agencies bite, and they’ll leverage those to step up enforcement.
Good riddance, Susan Rice. She never commented (as far as I've heard) on her massive financial stake in the Canadian Tar Sands oil business. Which way do you think she would have decided on that one?
It will still go through, and will be the final donkey punch to our future, once we start pumping all those dinosaur carbons into the air. And no, our future isn't into that sort of thing.

Also, (R-Marmalade) is good. Bravo.