Portland Aquarium Opening Tomorrow is Surprisingly Rad


I'm sure those otters can't wait to live a life of captivity. How rad!
@George - You're right, that's a good point I completely left out of this post. For what it is, the Portland Aquarium is alright. But there are many problems with showcasing captive animals for profit. Part of why the aquarium seemed good this morning is that it is mostly small critters—like fish and the iguanas—who seemed pretty content in the manufactured living quarters. The otters would likely be better left in the wild.
Well, Portland feels pretty podunk to anyone over the age of 10, and we live here anyway.
Mark - A reporter could have asked where they source their animals. The wild or commercially purchased.
That comparison of those cities and Portland is unfair Mirk, and you know better. Its better than nothing and sounds pretty fun to me and I am well over 10.
I like podunk. Nothing wrong with being comfortable in your own skin. And I hear the new aquarium is pretty cool.