SL Letter of the Day: Fighting Ugly


Unattractive women almost have a strange blessing in that they will not be treated like sexual objects by men. Savage is right that it only gets better with age. The most high-powered women I’ve met in my life were very unattractive, which I think gives them an advantage in that high-powered men will not keep them as sexual objects. When men have the ability to control very beautiful women, even if it is in just a professional setting, there becomes an unwillingness to let the person go and achieve. Obviously most men do not deal with this, and I think a lot of attractive women are unaware that they’re being treated like an office pet. So, being ugly, and all the negatives that come along with it, actually has some benefits too, for a woman. I’ve even seen very physically attractive women who have just god-awful haircuts and dress like grandmothers, and they’re the CIO or CFO of an organization. I can’t help but think that these women downplay their sexuality deliberately.

Go back to college or pick up some new skills, or learn a computer programming language or get a certification. Then work harder than your peers who are off dating. Make a shit load of money, because money actually can buy happiness (regardless of what we tell poor people).
I don't doubt that straight men have issues, but it's a little bit ridiculous to say that they're cruel to the unattractive to any greater extent than anybody else.