What He Said: The Internet Feels Like a Ghost Town


The ubiquitous becomes invisible, and the cool kids that made a the internet such a compelling place for cyberpunk writers to dream about have all become obsessed with deliberately analog technology (vinyl records, letter press, chicken coops...)

So when you say the internet has gone quiet, what you really mean is that our consumption of it has become more passive (we read more than we comment), ubiquitous (how many time a day to you read or receive content through your phone?) and the conversations have moved off of websites and blogs and into Facebook (when we have things to say that are acceptable to say in front of moms and bosses) and text messages (when we have things to say that aren't).
The internet blows.
People are cynical and constantly talk about how everything is worse now than it used to be. Anything that's good is dying out or in decline, to hear most people on the internet tell it. Ideas on how to make things better? I never hear any of that.
The state of political discourse? Worse now than ever before. Popular music? At an all-time low. Crime? It just gets worse and worse, right? (wrong). That bar up the street? Used to be so much better like four years ago before those "new" people came along and messed it up. The internet is apparently totally lame now too, even though I'm not seeing Constant talk about what specifically he'd like to see more of.