Good Morning, News!


Liza Long's piece about her mentally ill son is terrifying and depressing. I came across another article that mentions that Ms. Long is also a "Libertarian Romney supporter." This may explain her dismissive mention of "free public babysitting from 7:30 a.m.-1:50 p.m. Monday through Friday" (though she seems to have been making use of said public service).

I'm not trying to snark her, I'm sincerely puzzled by an essay by a Libertarian that bemoans the fact that "state-run treatment centers and hospitals [are] shuttered"...unless she's had a sudden political conversion in the last month or so.…
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"Firefighters in Portland had to watch as cops Tasered a man guarding his flaming house with a sword and shield."

...thus allowing responders to get him away from the dangerous flames, make sure he wasn't badly injured, and also go rescue his dog.…

I suspect the firefighters will somehow get over witnessing the tasering.
Someone read some of Lisa Long's other blog posts:…