More of J.J. Abrams Continues to Taunt Nerds, Still Won't Let Anybody Know Who Benedict Cumberbatch Is Really Playing for Some Annoying Reason


Try saying the word "nerd" less often.

Also, can we have a poll about whether or not Alka-Seltzer rules?
Dark Knight Rises in space?
In English please? Also nix any poll, they are inevitably really stupid and banal.
Sure thing, The Showstopper. Here you go: "Also, nix any poll; they are inevitably really stupid and banal."

Glad I could help!
Since you've got your cumbers in a batch, Erik, I'll reveal the fact that Benedict is portraying the Tribble God Emperor. The real eye-opener will be Jack Black's cameo as Harcourt Fenton Mudd (thus setting up the next film, "Star Trekking Mudd All Over the Place"). No, don't thank me.
@ROM you sure learned me with that display of superior punctuation. I hope you feel real good about yourself and such like
I hope all major movie studios continue this trend of pulling their advertising so nobody can see or hear anything about any of their products, ever, and they all collapse upon themselves.
@The Showstopper. I do feel good about myself, thanks. And in all honestly, I still don't understand your "In English please?" comment. Not sure who you were talking to, and what you didn't understand...
Clearly ROM you are more forgiving of marginally comprehensive writing skill than I am. This guy has a nerd-gasm when it comes to anything Sci Fi. It can be hard to digest. I still think the polls are lame unless you are 22 or so
Don't worry, I definitely think it was poorly-written! All the "nerd" in this post caused my brain to filter the content, until in the end all I could make out were the words "poll" and "alka-seltzer."

It takes a skilled and secure writer/thinker, apparently, to post about Star Trek and Hobbit without resorting to using the word "nerd" every other sentence.