Round 2, FIGHT! The Latest in the Three-Way Nerdfight for Portland's Pop-Culture Fanatics


Forget all this. I'm boycotting ALL conventions from here on out!*

*I've never been to a convention before.
So people who obsess over pop culture are angry because someone is bringing pop culture performers to their town? This is the boringest internecine conflict in ever.
Well, it's more of a local/corporate thing. Rose City wanted to start its own convention annual with the goal of growth and exposure so it could thrive and.. grow.. until it has the money and clout necessary to compete with the likes of Emerald City. It was never trying to be San Diego Comic-Con, at least not right away. So when Wizard World throws their massive money powers around to throw a competing convention that is decisively bigger on every level, it's seen as an aggressive act against the local upstart to kill it before it even has a chance to grow.

Or.. yeah, as he said.. Wal-Mart vs Mom and Pop..