Bushmaster's Wall Street Owners Now Want to Get Rid of the Company


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@reymont you forgot xenophobic in their description.
Don't let this story get too far into your heads; Bushmaster isn't exactly on the cutting edge of weapon manufacturing. I'm sure their last couple years have been exceptionally good for Bushmaster, but in the same time, at least 100 new firearm manufactures have open in the United States who are creating much more innovative products.

I think a comparative analogy is that Bushmaster is to the gun world like Widmer is to Portland beers. The loss of Widmer isn’t going to effect the overall scheme of things, and the micro makers are probably going to be thrilled by the competitive absence. A person can divest from Bushmaster easily, but the competitive market is still thriving. The last couple years have been the best years for firearm manufactures ever in the United States, and the ingenuity and market demand is clearly out there, and that won’t change.

If only Democrats could invest their time into something meaningful, like financial regulation reforms, that could proactively prevent the economic conditions that drive people crazy.... Yet, this is where their attention is.

Or: if you wanted to truly affect the firearms market, you could simply have the federal government stop subsidizing their sales by buying up all the ammo and rifles from Bushmaster. Billions are being poured into the gun industry by the Federal Government. Ending the wars would fix this.
Back in March DHS ordered 750 million rounds of hollow point ammunition. Then it turned around and ordered an additional 750 million rounds of miscellaneous bullets. That's enough ammo to empty five rounds into the body of every American citizen. Our military only expended 70 million rounds per year in the war in Iraq.

...Now don't you feel safer?