Police Stats Don't Make Case for Crime Spike at Old Town Tent Refuge


"a slew of code complaints (some people would rather not look at tents)"

Aren't the code complaints more substantive than that? For instance, that the whole camp is not allowed there?
@ Denis:

F.Y.I.: while i'm sure that we can all figure it out, the dates on the right in that first graph are a bit off.
These are not the droids you're looking for....
The Portland Business Alliance, and assorted other individuals and groups who have a specific goal of turning Old Town into.. or rather, extending the Pearl District to reach into Old Town to create one large douchey rich neighborhood. I have never spoken with anyone, not a single person, who has had a legit beef with R2DToo that was not rooted in either ignorance, NIMBY-ism or greed.

I am very glad the owner of that lot (whose name I cannot recall at the moment) has a personal beef with the city. They made him tear down the adult book store, refused to let him open a cart pod, and so on.. so he sent a message of his own. He has no financial interest in R2DToo staying open, if it gets too costly for him I'm sure he will shut it down himself.. but with their sterling reputation with anyone whose name doesn't have the letters CEO in it has made them fundraising darlings for their cause.
Thank you for looking into this. It seems that PBA needs to be reminded that they don't actually run the City, hard as they try. Also, it fascinates me that McDonough never refers to Right 2 Dream Too by name.
Right 2 Dream Too has been providing an essential public service. The city, for too long, has simply refused to act. We must organize to provide food, shelter, and protection for the homeless who wander our streets. Instead of fining R2DToo for getting the job done, the city should be paying for the services rendered and thanking the dynamic and courageous people who provide food, shelter, protection, and support for residents of our city who have fallen on hard times. Let us hope our new mayor and new council members can begin to recognize and appreciate the opportunities for partnership and support. We can work to expand this successful beginning. The fines currently being imposed are foolish, counter-intuitive, and shameful.Contact your leaders to put an end to this persecution. We can all get along.
in solidarity and with best regards,

Tim Flanagan, associate editor at The Portland Alliance

The Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media and Education has been Speaking Truth to Power Since 1981
Of, by, and for the people. We must stand firm during this time of economic crisis. Corrupt banks and irresponsible government officials must be held accountable. No Fear, No Compromise, and No Surrender!
I feel safer walking by Right to Dream Too than other parts of Old Town, and will intentionally walk NW 4th on my way to work in the morning.

Rather than being freaked out by it, why not celebrate that we're doing what we can as a community in tight financial times? (although obviously not with any help from PBA)
How long do people really think prime real estate in the heart of the city will be loaned out to this group of non-taxpaying, non rent-paying folks?
The owner of the property isn't doing this for altruistic reasons, right? Just to stick his thumb in Randy's eye.
It won't last, regardless of what the city does or does not do.
Oh, Mr Flanagan, in light of the existance of 'dignity' village and the recent opening of Bud Clark Commons, among other programs, I sure hope you were joking by saying:
'the city, for too long, has refused to act'.
You had to be smiling writing that, eh?
No I don't believe Mr. Flanagan was joking or smiling. Have you ever spent time on the streets with no where to go? Try going to Bud Clark or any of the shelters and tell them you need a bed and a place to stay today. Let us know if you are put on some waiting list you have to call in about on a weekly basis. It would really surprise anyone who ever tried to get a bed, if you were rushed to the top of their list. Expedition and need of some place warm thou a priority for you isn't their problem. You need to just sit the nights out in the rain and cold till your number is up. R2DToo is a safe haven for many people who are on the wait list or couldn't get into shelters. They aren't taking tax dollars or federal money, all the while providing a place for people to sleep, grow, have self respect and pride by knowing they are doing things to help there fellow human beings! What have you done for the masses of us who are down on our luck to encourage a brighter tomorrow? Spread negativity and drink more Starbucks and promote more greed (Every man for himself)!
Like Right 2 Dream Too, Dignity Village was started by houseless people and supported by allies. The Bud Clark center mainly lined the pockets of developers and construction companies. I applaud the courageous, visionary action of people who see how broken the system is and do something about it, the people who started Right 2 Dream Too and Dignity Village.