I Was On "Spicy News" This Week and It Pretty Much Sucked


Also, the peppers made your voice really high and crackly.

I think it's funny that you got sad afterward. This was your big break, man, and you blew it (by eating peppers and telling jokes on an eating-peppers-and-telling-jokes show).
It made me cough like crazy. Which seemed to have the effect of embedding the spice deep in the fibers of my throat.
You were so cheery for the first 45 seconds! But such doom approaches...
Somebody gave me one of those in high school and it hurt for the rest of the day and made massive amounts if snot and blood come out of my nose. I didn't know you could do it on TV! I can't believe I wasted my 15 minutes of pepper!
This just proves that Alex isn't going to Die (he may cry a little) but he will not die on the 21st. Everyone else will die, but Alex has proven that he has Balls strong like fucking bull. I cant believe you fucking ate two of them. lol You're a fucking savage! lmao