Randy Leonard's Name to Grace New Fire Station at Hawthorne Bridge


Maybe add a statue of Randy nearby that his critics could "fluoridate" every once in a while?
People really have the free time to show up at a touchy-feely council meeting to oppose putting a city commissioner's name on a building?

What's up with Portland Fire Department getting such prime locations at both ends of the Hawthorne Bridge?
His name really belongs on one of those loos instead.
Randy Leonard is the only City Commissioner to have ever demanded that Steve Humphrey fire me for a story I was contemplating writing about him. And for that, I respect the man. Also I respect Steve for not having fired me. But it is sad that he is leaving office and I will always have fond memories of him. Even though he is a bit nuts, and may have championed some extraordinarily bad public policy on occasion, his heart is in the right place. And at least one knew that he knew exactly who he was pissing off when he did silly things, but that he went ahead and did them anyway. His personal life has been hard, too, and I have been impressed with his outspoken stands on addiction issues and mental illness, especially in the context of all that. I just hope he moves on to find the next challenge and the best use of his remarkable skills and big heart.