Good Morning News!


If you want a news story, go out and try and find an AR-15 for sale in Oregon. Anywhere. Not only do I doubt that you'll be able to find one in Oregon, you won't find one anywhere in the United States.

Back in September I was selling an AR15 and AK47 for $750 each, I bought the AK in 2005 for $400, and the AR I received through a trade worth about $500 in 2008.

Now, simply due to politics, the same rifles are selling for near or over $1,000. I checked prices last night on

If Obama passes a "ban" of any sort, I might get $1500, or a lot more, per rifle.

How many other investments have that high of ROI?

This is why prohibitions don't work - *just think about Marijuana* - The price is inflated, but it doesn't curve demand nor stop the market. Even if the private sale of one of my rifles were to become illegal, I would still sale it, as I've bought and sold marijuana.

This gun ban is going to make me rich. I'm actually getting excited.
^^There will not be a "ban", this is simply hysteria
Mirk, people go through a trial or Military Tribunal in this case before they are convicted. You did not use the word accused in this piece, so am I to assume you have already decided this person is guilty? Unlike some civilian cases of homicide (eg, "The Juice" getting off after making Pez dispensers out of two people) I am sure the courts will get to the bottom of this terrible incident