Aquarium? More like a "Fish Petting Zoo"!


According to the reddit thread (yes, that is my source), they do require hand washing now.
I can see how/why we become more cynical with age and wisdom, but we should hope and expect for the best of conditions when it comes to how other living beings are treated... I am not alone in my concerns:
Whoda thought an aquarium in a former steakhouse run by out-of-state coral smugglers would be of dubious quality?!
Wow, this fish petting zoo sounds horrible. I read the yelp reviews and from what I have read it will be surprising if they stay open for very long. I am personally not a fan of zoo's and aquariums. They irk me but this place seems to take the cake.
I'm getting a membership. This is the kind of janky roadside attraction I want in my town!
Such an outrage, especially in Portland. I'm going to be shocked and horrified if Portlanders support this place.
There's a similar one in Boise. Exactly the same bullshit.
I retract my view on this: it does not appear to be either appropriate or a good environment