Glen Mazzara Takes a Hike from The Walking Dead


It can't be said enough times exactly how bad 'The Killing' is. Like 'Twin Peaks,' but boring, and set in a Seattle that we all know, i.e. largely populated by Europeans.
If by "large numbers of its fans" you mean the tiny but vocal minority of people on the Internet that have to bitch about everything on television rather than just enjoying it, yeah, I can see where you're coming from. Each season all The Walking Dead fans get together and complain about behind-the-scenes crap that usually has little to no impact on the show itself, just so that they can hear (or read) themselves doing so. Meanwhile the show is great, save for the fact that it's paced a little too slowly at times. Whose fault is that? Who cares. It's a fucking television show about zombies and probably the best one around right now.
Season Three was such a dramatic improvement over seasons one and two that I'm still at a loss as to what sort of problem AMC could have possibly had for Mazzara's intentions in Season Four. I mean, maybe it was a horribly terrible idea, but again - if you have proof that even people who will nonstop complain about it will STILL watch week in and week out, why wouldn't you trust the guy who got your show to achieve it's fullest potential to date?

AMC is a baffling place.
I totally agree. It just seems like with each new season the fans have bitched about changes and the show has ended up better and better (a few lulls in season two notwithstanding). I loved season three but who knows, maybe they'd rather mix it up than ever get comfortable. Sometimes I think TV needs more of that, lest we all get bored and move on - see: The West Wing for a great example.
As an aside: Maybe the best single Walking Dead story I've ever consumed is in the Telltale video game, written by Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin. Not only that - it's probably the best example of storytelling I've ever seen in a video game.

Not that they'd get the job, or that their storytelling would translate to television intact, but damn, if you haven't played that yet, go do so. I love that game.
The game has better acting than the show, as well. And you're somewhat in control of the characters, instead of complaining like NO NO WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT IT'S THE WORST POSSIBLE DECISION.
Bobby- I met Albert Pyun in San Diego once. He seemed a little put off by my obsession over Dollman.
They replaced Mazzara because he wasn't happy about AMC's decision to replace all guns with walkie-talkies.