Oregon's Prison Population is Growing Fast—What Can We Do?


"Community programs." What are they, and who benefits?
There is a problem with the costs. $85 a day is not expensive in compared the to costs of almost any alternative. Jails cost much more. The state hospital costs 10 times more. Victims cost more. All institutional alternatives besides the baby Jesus who is unpredictable are more expensive.
"Community programs" specifically benefit Brits living in New Orleans, pithy freelance journalists and former Mercury news editors.
Can we get rid of measure 11 now?
^^^yes please, especially for non violent offenders
Most of the increase is due to drunk driving, drug dealing, and other crimes by illegal aliens. Deport the fuckers and secure the border.
Could we get a redux of the graph only with some future projections: one with OR status quo, one with these measures implemented, and one with WA state following the legalization of pot?

Nice that they suggest shorter prison times for pot, but what if we stopped prosecuting people for petty possession. Sure, lock up the "drug lords", but let's legalize it and see how many criminals are no longer.