Good Morning, News!


My gosh Dennis - Sometimes you find the worst articles to link to. The Washington Post article about spying is as much pure propaganda that can be written. For example, "The surveillance has been credited with exposing several plots against U.S. targets...." This is demonstrably propaganda, not a single wiretap has been credited towards exposing a single plot, the entire program is wrapped in secrecy, especially the effectiveness of the program.

If you want to pretend that this alt weekly is emblematic of Liberalism/Progressivism/Portlandish in all its traits, then at least provide a link to a news article that does justice to how alarming this Senate action was. I'm sure your youthful liberal/progressive readership would appreciate it much more. I find your choice of articles rather ironic, as virtually every informed American, from either the Left or Right or Independent, is totally opposed to this legislation, yet you still found the most benign article you could.

Here's a more accurate and inflammatory article:…

Also: the shooting of 3 police officers can't exactly be used as ammunition towards gun control, as the article states, "The man was able to grab a gun [from a police officer] and then opened fire." - Unless you are in favor of disarming police officers, which is something I'm totally OK with.