Last Weekend to Visit Downtown's Bar Central


Great, more anti-douchebag douchebags on the east side.
That's weird cos this is/was the best bar on the block. Maybe that damn curtain had something to do with it's demise. Or douche holes only like jager bombs.
Maybe if they make a decent crepe they wouldn't be in such a predicament.
Actually the staff here was extremely nice when I was there 2 months ago on a date. And that can be rare for Portland. I generally avoid that area.
Ohai, is it too late to come in and feel all superior to the people who hang around an area of dowtown a few hundred yards from my preferred area of downtown and thusly are totally uncool?

Not that I disagree, but I generally think EVERYONE downtown is a douche. Or a junkie. Or a junkiedouche. I used to grant Ground Kontrol an exception since I have been going to various incarnations in various locations longer then the current owners have ever heard of the place.. but several months ago when I attempted to get two quarters for the arcade machines from the bar changed from 5 dimes that I had and was curtly turned away with "We don't do that." it was clear that they no longer had any interest in serving the retro gaming community. So Ground Kontrol is also on the douchelist now, it was just a matter of time since they started serving liquor though..