What Delicious Drinks Shall I Drink with the Vodka Ned Is Going to Buy Me?


MARTINI. Shaken, dirty, three olives.
Start with:

Vodka Tonic
Rocks Glass
3 oz Vodka
Top with tonic water (Fever Tree is my favorite).
Garnish with Lime


3oz Vodka
1oz St. Germaine
1 dash cardamom bitters
Top with Club Soda

Martini, Kiala's recipe
Can't go wrong here, but I'd advise a stirred martini. Your drink will be on average 30% stronger.

Drink these until you drop. Be sure to reserve enough vodka for Bloody Mary's the next day. Use real tomato juice, celery salt, horseradish and Worcester sauce. This will be your hangover cure.
4 oz vodka
2 oz Kahlua
2% milk to taste.

It's a Skinny White Russian. Lower calorie, so the only regret is the alcohol intake after. (Plus whatever trouble you get into.) It's like drinking a candy bar.
It sounds to me that you should reconsider your relationship with vodka - and I'll be glad to help you out of this burden, seeing as how I respect your reviews and all and that time we met in the bar.
I think so highly of you I would do this for you pal.
sounds like it's top-shelf stuff -- i wouldn't sully it with any ingredients at all, save for maybe a few ice cubes.

apparently though, judging from mr. Aykroyd's jowls, it pairs quite well with double cheeseburgers and steak fries.

and, yes, you should also consider watching 'Legend' again, both for old times' sake and for when you're ready for a good vomit after your 5th glass.
Can we not talk about alcohol today?
Drink it, straight and cold, from a lady's shoe. (There's one behind the dumpster next to Vintage Pink on Hawthorne.)
You are all heroes.