Are You in the Psychopath Profession? Let's Find Out!


Surgeon and Chef? Really? Then how did Doctor end up in least psycho...maybe Plastic Surgeons a la Nip/Tuck?

Journalist makes sense though, just look at Hallett and Mirk - I wouldn't trust either with the $7 in my wallet.
So, surgeon is in the plus column and doctor isn't. What else did the author pull out of his ass?
The author probably should have used "physician" instead of "doctor."

Although they've been part of the same profession for well over a century, and even though many doctors fill both roles, the job of a physician and the job of a surgeon are fundamentally different.

Physicians diagnose and treat diseases with their minds. Surgeons do that, but most fundamentally treat diseases with their hands. They are technicians. They can do their jobs well with no empathy whatsoever for their patients. Physicians can't.

And chefs.... that profession is open to every breed of scumfuck out there. Not that all chefs are scumfucks... but I think the chefs reading this must know what I'm talking about.

Number two on the + list.