You Don't Have to Be Thin to Be Healthy


Meanwhile, reporting of the study has been slammed by serious scientists the world over, because it ignores the fact that BMI is an absolutely terrible measure of anything. If you start working out, your BMI will likely go up as you generate more muscle mass.
Sweet. Guess I can stop eating well and exercising every day.
Hmm, and I was under the impression that we all had about a 100% risk of dying.
Yeah, nope.
@stu, precisely! The BMI is a joke, and if the the study were correct (it is not) Americans would have great longevity because this country is FAT! Some people will carry more body mass and fat due to genetics (and it is their natural predisposition) but being a outright fat ass is NOT at all helpful to your health, I wonder who sponsored this "study"
The vast majority of people who have a BMI of over 30 are clearly obese. To say the scale isn't accurate and therefore completely worthless because "you know this one guy who is all ripped and lifts weights and shit and has a BMI score of 30+" is ridiculous. Physically fit people of this level will always be the exception to the rule.

*This study brought to you by those who make money off of unhealthy, always-going-to-the-doctor fatties.