Anarchist Activity Called "Threat to the Community"


As the Oregonian noted in their article, the DA has basically no authority to restrict Turzhanskiy's freedom of association with a non-criminal organization.

It's pretty obvious that this guy is going to jail for a long time. If I were him, I'd use this as an opportunity to shove it in their face and do a press conference with every anarchist that's willing to come in front of a camera. When arrested for violations of the release, I'd sue the DA for making me agree to these absurdities under duress, and then prove in court that the "Resist the NW Grand Jury" organization offers legal benefits and offer no harm to the community. Though, this guy is probably just moron, who uses a PBR bottle for their Molotov, and has to throw it twice?

The guy's going to jail, probably for a very long time, he's got no reason to play nice with the government.

I’m having a hard time believing the story about the broken window. Someone smashes a window and emails KGW (and only KGW from what I can tell)? They didn’t post it on Indymedia or the variety of other regular anarchists communication groups? HA! My ass, this doesn’t fit the MO of anarchists to do an action and not seek media/community attention afterward. This was probably the work of an unaffiliated kid from out of town or a provocateur, or KGW just made it up. In the Oregonian’s story, Police spokesmen Pete Simpson is quoted, “Most of the time we don’t get emails claiming responsibility.” No shit.

Also, the targeting of Anarchists and Activists isn’t exactly new in Portland – the feds have not recently become concerned over the word “anarchist.” Back in July 1992 undercover police were spying on peace groups who wanted to end the nuclear arms race and push for a civilian review board of the police. The Feds and the local police have consistently sought out and monitored harmless political radicals for nearly a century, being an “anarchist” was a criminal offense in 1917, and what was once the “communists scare” became the “green scare” and then “terrorist” (i.e. Muslims) and also “anarchists.” Nothing new here.