Nights, Camera, Action: The Candids of Nightlifer Minh Tran


God damn it. I fucking HATE how the particularly decadent, transplant, trust fund hipster types like every single person photographed here rob Portland of any individual identity it once had. Any one of these photographs could have been taken by some Vice Magazine douchebag in New York at some loft party after doing a line of coke from the toilet lid. I have been suspecting though that Marjorie Skinner secretly is trying to turn Portland into Manhattan for years though, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised of her affinity for these photos.
Now I feel gross.
Awesome! Let me know when "Art School A-Holes" is out in book form!
Some of y'all are spending WAY too much time at the Yes & No.
I'm so tired of people who have more fun than I have, and I don't like their choices of style—wait, that's not at all convincing, hmm, aha! No, THEY LIVE ON TRUST FUNDS (I can just feel it!), and who have come here to ROB our town of its amazing "individual identity." Thieves in our midst!
It's hard being competitive.