Rumor Mill: The Return of Twin Peaks?


Allow, but only on the condition that Lynch remain intimately involved in the script. Twin Peaks was at its worst when the only thing Lynchian about the episode was Gordon Cole.
am i the only so-called 'film snob' that thinks Lynch is overrated on almost all counts?? from 'Blue Velvet' to 'Eraserhead' to 'Lost Highway' -- they're all just too, i don't know, 'too'.

(commence crucifying me now...annnnnnnd GO!)

for what it's worth: it's been a long enough time since i've seen it that i think i should give 'Twin Peaks' another try -- maybe i've matured since the last time...
David Lynch had little to do with the entirety of season 2 except for the finale episode cos ABC didn't accept Lynch's storyline, so he abandoned it only to return in the finale and killed. To put 25 years of thought into anything...