The Book of Mormon Is as Great and as Funny as You've Heard It Is


No thanks, I'm trying to cut down on my intake of anti-religious bigotry. (And no, I'm not a Mormon...)
This show was amazing. It was the most fun I have ever had in public. I've been waiting to see it for 2 years, and was not disappointed. Like Erik said, the play pokes fun, but is not mean. The number "Turn It Off" that directly takes on the whole gay Mormon thing was hilarious. I have a gay Mormon friend, so I was literally laughing and crying at the same time. The LDS has come out in favor of the play (as evidenced by the ad buy in the program, and the church's statements.) The only ones who do not get a fair shake are the Ugandans, and I did not see any Ugandans in the audience in Portland.
I have six tickets to book of mormon that I'll sell for $3000. Let me know.
I have an actual Book of Mormom that I'll trade for a handy.
Sorry about the typo. Also, not accepting a mandy (that's a handy from a man, right?).
@Happily EverAfter: I actually thought the Ugandans came off better than anybody else in the show.
@Erik: I must be a racist. It just seemed that the threat of female circumcision, 80% AIDS stats, warlords blowing people's heads off, and scrotum maggots are not the kind of stuff the tourism department would be sharing with us.