For some reason, this fascinates me. Actor Patrick Dempsey—best known for his role as Dr. McDreamy in Grey's Anatomy, and as an adorable nerd in the 1987 teen movie Can't Buy Me Love (SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!)—claims he has beat out Starbucks to buy the Seattle-based Tully's Coffee chain. WHAT.

The coffee chain was part of a bankruptcy auction, and Dempsey's company (Global Baristas, LLC) made the presumably winning bid of $9,150,000 to beat out Starbucks and others, including Baristas Coffee, which runs a chain of drive-throughs featuring employees in skimpy outfits. WHAT.

Here's Dempsey's enthusiastic response to his victory (which actually isn't final until the deal gets the okay from the bankruptcy judge next week), via the New York Post:

"I'm thrilled that we won and I'm even more excited about saving Tully's Coffee and its hundreds of jobs," he said. "Tully's is a great company with committed employees, and with its base in Seattle, one of the world's greatest cities, I'm confident we will be able to successfully build the brand and help grow the economy. "

RAHHHHHHH!!! (I'll take one grande soy Mocha McSteamy, half caff, with a squirt of whipped cream... FOR OBVIOUS REASONS.)

Tullys: A swarthy seduction in every cup.