Giant "Ghost Building" Under Construction Near Hawthorne Bridge


I'd much rather read comments about this on O-Live than here.
I love artistic references to Portland's industrial/manufacturing past. Key point: Past. It'd be nice to see the city manufacture more these days. I just guess there isn't the cheap labor pool unless it's to build bikes. I wonder if anyone'd be interested in opening a straightforward factory to manufacture fair trade iPhones. Like: It's $1,500 instead of $400. But it was made in the U.S. by unionized labor.
I took a picture of this at night the other day. :)…
On one hand, this seems to me to be one of the more interesting pieces of public art around the city, but at what cost?
I think those funds could have been better spent elsewhere.
Good thing we have plenty of space for our homeless already.
I'd rather have a Starbucks or something useful.