Hot Live Blog Action: Blazers vs. Magic


I don't know that your Wire reference works dude.
It works, you 40 degree commenter.
Many times over the past few years as an armchair GM I've pictured a shooter like Redick in Blazer black and red helping yank us out of our many, many 13-18 pt 3rd quarter funks.
Its more compelling than one below average NBA team playing another. I like the Blazers, but the National Championship is more meaningful. I get that you don't like football and don't even want to get into what childhood incident inspired this. Also, I doubt any of the players on either team are "roided". They just have better genetics and talent than most (including you and Me). It's ok not to comment on something if you dislike it
Also, I have been a Blazer fan for a long time ( like many others), only recently did I notice skinny, twitchy four eyed hipsters who are strident fans. Its kind of funny. It's even funnier when they talk loudly about playing "b-ball" the next day. I doubt half these dorks can make a layup. Like whatever you want, but stay out of peoples faces about it. I'm guessing the new migrants(you know, moved here 3 years ago) to our city want to be timber and blazer fan because its trendy. Good for the fan base I guess, but still a little odd
You don't think any players on Notre Dame or Alabama are on roids? Well, isn't that quaint.
^^are you aware of the NCAA testing protocols? Even if you are not the chances are slim they are on when people are bigger and stronger than you, huh?