Terrible News for Parking Meter Scofflaws


You know, I've never smiled at the parking meter maids that walk around, I've never liked them and thought of them as a plague, however, I never went out my way to express my discontent. But with this new policy, I'm going to change my attitude.

Now I'm going to start being a dick:

“You’re just a taxman, wearing a stupid blue coat.”
"I hope you get hit by a car."
"You're a traitor to humanity"
“Get a real job, you fucking bum.”

Little things like that will make me smile, won’t you join me in making their lives miserable?

They do nothing good for any of us, as everyone who works downtown can attest. A $10 parking ticket is just as much of a deterrent as a $60 one, so there’s no reason to bump these fines except for the city to fuck us out of money a little more.
bullshit, fidelity. generally speaking, the larger the fine = the larger the deterrent. obviously.

if a $10 ticket is just as much of a deterrent as a $60 one, then, by that logic, so too is a $0 ticket just as much of a deterrent as a $10 one, no?

and "traitor to humanity"?? "i hope you get hit by a car."?? please. save that stuff for those that really deserve it.

i do agree, however, that there are bigger fish to fry, as you seem to imply. i say we skyrocket the fines for things like speeding (especially in residential areas) and intoxicated driving -- sure, this won't keep everybody from being a dangerous asshole, but it would certainly cut those numbers a bit (as well as bring in revenue).

think about it: if a DUI would cost someone $6,000 and a 5-year suspension instead of $1,500 and whatever, even some of the sloppiest, drunk-drivingest bitches would think twice about how much they've had to drink before getting behind the wheel. and then more lives would be saved. *because of higher fines.*
If those charts showing parking fine statistics were created by a Bureau of Transportation employee--than they really need to hire a better business analyst. Seriously--you guys are still using Excel 2003?
@human – No. You’re logic is not factoring out. This, to me, is the basis of economic choices and time/trade-offs. Spending 60 seconds to put $2.50 into a machine can be incentivized with a minimal ticket amount, it doesn’t have to be a huge fee. The logic that the city is suggesting is like the same logic as “tough on crime”: that people who make mistakes – and that’s what we’re talking about here, mistakes, not deliberate disobedience to law – are going to be dissuaded from making mistakes because of the punishment.

I’ve met few people who said, “Fuck paying the meter, the tickets are so cheap.” It’s a rational decision to pay the meter when there’s a fine-based incentive to do so. Obviously, increasing the fine will decrease the deliberate disobedience to the law, but I highly doubt that a significant portion of these fines are people purposefully disregarding laws. I’m going to bet that the vast majority of these tickets are through ignorance, and you don’t need to educate the public by costing an unemployed person $60.

I received a parking ticket in Salem for not paying the meter. The ticket was $10, and it clearly said on the ticket that I will be towed if I do not pay this ticket. I paid the stupid $10, and $3.50 into the meter. So, it worked on me.

Fuck tax collectors.
Yell at them, with feeling, it's your constitutional right: http://www.thenewspaper.com/news/38/3860.a…
@ fidelity:

our fundamental assumptions, as usual, are slightly different -- i am of the belief that there are far more of the "fuck paying the meter"-types than there are of the ignorant/accidental sort.

and i most definitely believe that to be the case regarding speeding/drunken drivers.

@ Curse Of Cassandra:

yeah, it's his legal right to bitch and moan, but he still had to pay his parking fine, right? so what's the point then? sounds to me just like a 5-year-old back-sassing to mommy after she slaps his hand for breaking a reasonable, necessary rule of the house.

and what if someone gets a ticket sent to them in the mail? should they righteously read the riot act to the postal worker delivering it? (and then, a week and a few wife-beatings later, pay the fine anyway, sending it off in the mail via the same postal worker they legally berated?)

childish. (and pointless.)