Couple Thoughts About Les Miserables (for Musical-Theater Nerds Only!! Not for You, Everyone Else!)


He kills himself? That's kind of a downer, isn't it?
I agree with every word of this.
The sheer number of gigantic floating head closeups was something that bothered me, too. I thought Crowe got better as the movie progressed. I agree about Anne Hathaway, though.
Actually what got me about the movie was how bad the sound editing was on the songs. The set pieces are great tunes for powerful voices, to be blasted to the back of the theater (especially Do You Hear The People Sing). It's possible that every single actor/actress in the play has a weak voice, but it's more likely the sound editing sucked. No coincidence that the best song was I Dreamed A Dream which is the one that requires softness rather than power.

Of course, they'll probably still give it a Sound Editing Oscar, because they're like that.

(also, the ending drags out too long, when the Pont Neuf seen should really be pretty much the end of it. but that's a problem with the stage version as well, not just the movie)
An Incomplete History of Les Miserables: