Good Morning, News!


NY's Governor is Andrew Cuomo. Mario is his dad.
Why didn't this make Blogtown news?…
Did you guys cover this? I didn't even know there *was* a Cracker Barrel store on Sauvie Island. Nobody tells me anything.…

Garrrr!! Me am dumb. Thanks for the catch! FIXED.
Yes, get the flu shot....if you want the flu.
He always used to get John Adams and John Quincy Adams mixed up too, lb.

Or if you want autism! Or Alzheimer's! Or Fluoride! Or JFK Twin Towers Inside Job GET THE ALIENS OUT OF MY BRAAAAAAAIN!!!
The site also has links to scientific studies you can read.
Boy, I'm always amazed at how much faith people still put in the vaccine. Let's put aside the fact that the rate of autism among American children has nearly doubled in the past decade, going from about one in 150 children back in 2000 to one in 88 children in 2008, charting directly with CDC-endorsed vaccination schedules; Let's put aside the fact that vaccines are a sacred cash cow for conglomerates who are routinely fast-tracking product to market that turn out to have damaging side effects including death; Let's put aside the prejudice that vaccines are historically responsible for wiping out infectious disease at the same time industrialized nations were developing indoor plumbing and antibiotics...

The flu vaccine is an educated guess as to what three of over 300 different flu viruses is expected to have the greatest virulence in the upcoming year. When I worked at a busy grocery and those generous folks came in with the mobile flu shot programs (only $29.99, what a deal!) the only people who came down with the flu the following week were the employees who got the shot. It spread from there. Yes, I know that's anecdotal. Here are some things that are not:………………
Like I told Denis last week. Just put the flu vaccine in the water supply if the rabble don't agree with you on what should enter their bodies.