Let's Talk About 40 Murders.


Quick, someone petition Gov. Catslobber for an Assault Dreadlocks ban!
We get it already. It's bad to be white and it's bad to be a man. And if you're both then you're automatically doing like 80 things wrong simply by existing, and so you have to sit and listen to women complain about how bad men are, and if you display any kind of fatigue at listening to this incessant babble you'll be instantly deemed a heartless asshole.

Bill Burr has a good bit on this. We get it hon, don't hit women. All these annoying PSA's aren't going to magically cure assholes who beat women. How many heroin users do you know who quit because of one of those 'this is your brain on drugs' fried egg commercials? Yes, do the math.

Your crusade is all in vain. Just crying for more attention to go along with your fake case of PTSD.
I'm so glad I don't have to go to oregonlive to see dumbass comments anymore.

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LOL xeni at boing boing.
@wetduck arenit is our local MRA. Misandry oppresses him.
"Lets ban all guns!" " At least semi automatic rifles! (lethal but responsible for 2% of national homicides"...but if women keep getting raped, beaten, abused and trapped in bad relationships, we won't do much. Restrict access to firearms (particularly to those who are mentally ill), have better responsabilty and at least two of the horrific shootings which recently occurred likely would not have happened. But women still will be abused until the people who do this are actually prosecuted and restraining orders are taken seriously
@Arenit, wow, you're a terrible bastard. You know, 18 veterans kill themselves every single day in this country. I'd actually bet that more veterans kill themselves in Oregon than women are killed because of domestic violence.

In fact, 27% of Oregon suicides are veterans, and Oregon has one of the highest rates of suicide in this nation.

So, do the veteran community a favor, and help us lower that statistic by killing yourself.

Or at least take that horribly offensive comment about PTSD, and fuck yourself with it.
Jesus, arenit, can't you look beyond yourself and your tiny self esteem? Man-hating is all in your head. These are FACTS about domestic violence.