St. Johns Dealing With an Actual Cat Burglar


Is it surprising that stealing an animal is a felony? Beyond domestic pets, who are often considered actual family members, work animals are sometimes of uncertain value, as are farm animals at various stages of growth, so a law clarifying whether such a theft is a misdemeanor or felony, as well as coming down on the more severe side, doesn't really surprise me.
When I heard this, I was so upset that I will not let my cats out until this maniac is captured. I consider my cats to be family members and love them dearly. Unfortunately, they might mutiny, yikes. I hope this jerk is caught and severely punished. I hate to even think what he is doing to these poor babies. It has occurred to me that he might be selling them to labs for medical experimentation or dissection. I think that all the cats' people should be given at least 5 minutes alone with this creep and beat him down to the ground.