Glenn Beck Thinks He's Now the Great Libertarian Hope


Hey, some of 'em did fall for Rand Paul.

Personally, I'm more of a fan of Adam Kokesh, Noam Chomsky, and Thomas Jefferson.

Lots of people became "Libertarians" when it was made perfectly clear that if you're a Republican you're a John McCain loving moron. So, there's this new breed of "Libertarians", like many in the Tea Party, who are complete authoritarian asshats and sell outs to oppression (Beck is clearly in this boat). They can’t have self-respect and still call themselves Republicans or RINOs anymore, so “Libertarian” is their chosen brand. I can think of several “Libertarian” lawyers, or folks at the CATO Institute who are war mongering, anti-choice, d-bags, or people who call themselves “Libertarian” because they believe Corporations should have more power than the government after they read too much Ayn Rand.

I don’t like this dichotomizing Libertarians from Liberals. Everyone is either partially libertarian or partially authoritarian: a person will either respect the free choice of others, or they think people are too stupid to make a free choice. Hence: authoritarians want fluoride in the water, they want to prohibit guns, they want to undo Constitutional rights. Libertarians support absolute free choice, they are against the ongoing wars, and they’re completely tolerant of alternative lifestyles (like transqueer afro dance queens) and the legalization of drugs.

Not surprising, Paul Constant is against the ideals of Liberty and Free Choice.

You can figure out how “Libertarian” you are here:
Beck's just realized that he can't get sponsors trying to outflank FOX on the right. And he'd be laughed out of the building trying to go left. And he can't take on Alex Jones head-to-head with an a-political conspiracy show.

So, in need of new branding, he's staying political, but going off-axis to try to pull in the Republicans-masquerading-as-Libertarians crowd that he (by and large) used to have at FOX.

He can pitch largely the same positions, just with new vaguely-libertarian-sounding garnish. Maybe he softens on pot a little bit, but never going so far as to pitch a defense of abortion, euthanasia, hard drugs, isolationism, separation of church and state, etc.
i've always thought that the following quote describes Mr. Beck and his power (via the idiocy of his sheep) quite perfectly:

“Only in his wildest dreams could an actual suicide bomber hope to do as much damage to this country as Glenn Beck does every day.” -- Keith Olbermann

@ fidelity:
80%, 60%. libertarian; nearly a centrist liberal.
Libertarianism has become a meaningless label used by people too dumb or lazy to invent a coherent strategy for governing. There's no there there.
"Glenn Beck is about as libertarian as I am. He's a dolled-up neocon...."

For once Paul Constant is right, Glen Beck is a dolled-up neocon just like he is.
No, I'm not an asshole, I'm fiscally conservative but SOCIALLY liberal!

*the sound of 600 million eyeballs rolling at once*
Nailed it Spindles & roc.

@Euphonius - there's lots of libertarian thoughts on how government shoud function, or how society can function without government. Just because you're ignorant of it, doesn't mean it's not out there.
Yeah, I'm ignorant because your pet theories are bullshit. Got it.
@fidelity: You had me right up until you mentioned fluoride.
Anyone who capitalizes words like "liberty" and "freedom" can immediately be dismissed as an idiot.
@Drunk - Yeah! Whoever wrote that Declaration of Independence was a moron. I mean, who taught that guy grammar?