Good Morning, News!


Cara, it is a good point, as Sadly states, that the FBI cannot create a crime to foil, however even the impressionable young man I used to be would have never even considered trying to kill hundreds of people.
FBI and defendant are both at fault, and they should all do time for the crime.
"France" doesn't know why three women were executed in Paris?
I'm assuming this is just another one of the many delightful typos this publication is known for.
Don't give suicide such a sad rap. Sometimes people gotta kill they self.
And didn't MIT end up releasing gobs of those journals archives for free anyway. Yet the trial wasn't dropped. Sad that he killed himself. I sorta doubt that the trial had everything to do with it.
FBI sets up these people from the very beginning! Osman Mohamud had been doing just FINE and had never considered causing harm to anyone until the Federales intruded into his life!