Get Ready for Slow-Mo Lightsabers


I’ll wait for the trailer before I draw any level of judgment, this could be badass, but it has an equal chance of being a train wreck. The thing about Seven Samurai is that it is nearly unbearable for most Americans to watch because of its archaic story telling pace. It is a wonderful and classic samurai film, the type of stuff that boys eat up, but there’s no way a 9 year old is going to sit through the first 40 minutes of the original film. The film has been long due for a recreation, and since Star Wars is just a rip of Kurosawa’s work already, why not steal more of his work to contribute to this franchise? I’m just glad no one is recreating it as an American Western.

I think this country would be better off with a recreation of “I Live In Fear”
But.... it's not going to happen:…
Damn, Erik- You didnt like his Dawn remake? I loved it, and thats coming from someone that ditched work to buy the 4-disc set of Romero's original!