Good Morning, News!


"Mayor Charlie Hales"? I go into an alcoholic coma for just a few months and this happens? It's gonna take a buttload of oil (extra-virgin kalamata, my Wesson-injecting days are over) to get me through this.
I tried to attend the press conference today at City Hall. Take note independent journalists: The mayor has a strict new policy of forbidding access unless you're on the "authorized list." Security informed me that on this list is one person. I'm a published journalist, but being independent in this town means that I now need to find a printer to write "PRESS" on a plastic card with my picture. My regular business card, which has gotten me in everywhere I've ever wanted for journalism purposes, wasn't sufficient for the Mayor's staff. This is going to cost me $15. Absurd.

I even wore my nicest suit.