I don't know why this kind of question annoys me so much, but since this person is not specifically inquiring about a job at the Mercury (at least I don't think so, unless he is being extraordinarily backhanded about it), it's not really my duty to advise him on such matters. More importantly, since I have been working at the Mercury since birth (it's just so funnnn!), I'm somewhat under-qualified to give him this kind of advice. However tempting, though, I would be kind of a jerk not to answer at all (so lazy!). So I'm going to ask you to answer him instead (oh, so lazy!). Here goes:

I am currently a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Thailand. I'll be going back to the States this spring and have been thinking of moving to Portland (from Minnesota). I looked at your web site today and saw a Peace Corps advertisement. It must be a sign. Is there anything anyone at the Portland Mercury can tell me to help me get off to the right start in Portland? I'm a journalism/English writing major with two years of Peace Corps experience. What is the job market like in Portland? Where's a good place to search for jobs? I want to move to Portland because it's a change of pace and it seems like a great place to live. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!!

Tell me, what would you advise?