It's A Horrible Amazing Week for Dogs


Unless they've changed things about their training and screening process, be a little bit wary of any dog from OHS that does not have an owner history.

Multnomah County Animal Shelter has a much tougher road (they can't be selective or what they take in like OHS) and doesn't get the publicity or private dollars that OHS gets, but they've initiated an innovative volunteer / training program which works wonders for the adoptable dogs there, which sadly are mostly pit type mixes more often than not.

I volunteered for both outfits. If I still had the time, I'd head back to Multnomah County because it was much more rewarding.

And this is not intended to downplay the good that OHS does, just to highlight the good of what Multnomah County does without as many resources or love from the press as OHS gets.
Another great animal rescue group of note too, is the Pixie Project! They take the least adoptable pets OUT of MCAS and pair them with a well matched family.