Right-Wing Group in Alaska Planned to Kill Judges


I saw him (Cox) a few times at the Fred Meyer's up there (Fairbanks) during the months when all of this was going down -- you could clearly see something amiss in his eyes.

He and his cronies even once set up a 'court' at the Denny's in order to 'try' himself for crimes the state alleged he had committed, because he refused to recognize the authority of the state's courts. Of course, he was found 'not guilty'. Again, in a fucking Denny's, with all of his buddies as the 'jury'.

And then he started in with all of this 'militia' shit. I bet HE wasn't in favor of stricter laws regarding firearm sales/possession, either.

I'm sorry that his family got torn apart and that his kids will have to grow up fatherless, but i'm glad he's off the streets.

Almost as many nutjobs up there as there are down here.
A gaggle of right-wing extremist neo-fascist christian WHITE people refereed to as TERRORISTS?!