Today in Police Chases... THAT ARE MAYBE TOO REAL


I hate to be that guy.. but this just seems fake. Why the hell would someone in LA be videocamera-ing a police chase? It's not like they are uncommon..
You know, I was thinking the same thing... but then if you consider that he may have knew the chase was happening close to his house, maybe that would've inspired him to videotape it?

Or maybe he paid a bunch of cops and a stunt driver to drive past his house.
No big mystery. It's Inglewood. Chase goes by about dinner time every second Thursday.
I don't think it's fake. Southern Californians love car chases. There used to be a text app to alert people of a current chase (probably still exists.) They will pull over on the side of the road, GET OUT OF THEIR CARS, and watch as some dummy and a bunch of cops drive by. Fucking insanity.